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Gender neutral language can increase female engagement by up to 70%. Fact.

We are the Spell Checker for Gender Bias.

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Highlight Gender-coded Language

Many words we use are subtly biased. Our highlighter reveals unconscious bias as you type.

Replace with Neutral Alternatives

For every gender bias term, there is always a way to rephrase in gender neutral language.

Notice Improved Engagement

Our test shows that 70% more women respond positively to writing in gender neutral format.

Use Cases

A lack of diversity costs businesses world wide over $200 billion a year. See how we can help your business stay relevant:

Attract diverse candidates to your job posts

Increase conversion rate of your marketing copy and social media channels

More effective internal memo

Higher email response rate

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How It Works

Research shows that gender-biased language directly affects female engagement at work. We help promote diversity by reducing the bias.

Step 1 - Sign up and start drafting your copy with our tool.

Step 2 - Gender biased language is highlighted in real time.

Step 3 - Correct the gender bias, and see engagement improvement.

COMING SOON AI-powered auto suggestions, synonyms, and engagement analytics

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Our Story


Our team has years of experience building software and scaling businesses. We run a women's careers platform with 60k+ members.

Adapt, evolve.

Having seen the workplace diversity issues first-hand, we are committed to solving this global problem one word at a time.

Worldwide. was founded through the Antler startup accelerator program. We are mentored by a brilliant community of tech entrepreneurs.